Pupils and students discover the city

This is a very fun and playful way to discover a city, especially for pupils and students! In 1.5 to 2 hours they get to know a part of the city and look at the environment with different eyes. They play in teams of 2-5 students. The teams can score points and afterwards there is a scoreboard where all teams can see how they have scored.

We support educational organizations and therefor give discounts. We can also send a demo so you can check if it suits the level of your students. Email us for more information.

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“Students were very enthusiastic! The competition element in particular helps 🙂 Nice to do with 35 students.”


~Marc – teacher in economics 

How exactly does that work?

  • You can book an Outside Escape via our website or by paying via invoice (for invoice, please send us an email).
  • You coordinate the departure and the team layout yourself, there is no guidance on site.
  • Our routes are always close to restaurants, so starting with lunch or finishing with a drink is no problem.
  • There is often plenty of opportunity to take a break along the way.
  • Teams of about 4 people are the best, up to a maximum of about 60 people (read more about groups of 60+ here)
  • After ordering you give each team the link and a code (for example to share by mail or WhatsApp)
  • Make sure everyone brings a charged phone.

Once on location

  • The ‘team captain’ starts the game by being the first to enter the access code. Only the team captain can request hints.
  • Other team members can then start the game with the same access code, they get all the information except the hints.
  • It can be wise to have 2 or 3 teams leave after a few minutes, so that they do not get in each other’s way.
  • After that, the teams will disperse on their own, as one team solves the riddles faster than the other team.
  • Catching up with each other during the Outside Escape is fine.
  • Afterwards, each team is shown a scoreboard with the results of all teams.

Are you still in doubt? Request a demo of the route you want to do via our contact form.

Request a demo.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know the exact route in advance, or would like to request a demo, please send us a message. Please indicate which route it concerns!

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