Outside Escape Reviews

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Review Joyce

What an incredibly cool way to get to know a piece of the city’s history and at the same time see more than the standard streets. We really had a great time in Amersfoort!

– Joyce

Review Team CED

We had a very nice and pleasant team outing. A beautiful route that tells about Mondrian and the history of the city.

– Team CED

Review Joke

Clear how it works, good directions, fun riddles and puzzles and unnoticed a wonderful walk and looked at that part of Amsterdam with different eyes. Very nice!

– Joke

Review Team Schaapjes

We had a super fun day. We saw beautiful parts of Amsterdam that we didn’t know existed. The assignments were very well thought out. Really puzzling but not too difficult.

– Team ‘Schaapjes’

Review Joelle

Super fun outside escape. I know the city (Amsterdam) well but I discovered things I had never seen before. Awesome!

– Joelle

Review Emma

Route along beautiful places in the city where we would normally have walked by. Nice varied assignments. We also really liked that there is no time limit and we could have lunch during the tour on a terrace, and then continue again.

– Emma

Review Miriam

A very nice way to learn to explore the city of Delft. You look at details and come to places that you would not have seen otherwise.

– Miriam

Review Michelle

Nice to discover a city in this way. By searching the photos you see other things that you would normally overlook. A must to do in Delft!

– Michelle

Review Joeri

Very nice puzzle tour in the center of Den Bosch. Distances and puzzles very easy to do. Especially with children.

– Joeri

Review Stephanie

Been to places where we had never been in Den Bosch, while we are real people from Brabant. Puzzles and assignments were fun, not too easy and at a good distance from each other. Search photos easy to find. All in all a very nice trip. Learned something from the city.

– Stephanie

Review Tineke

Even for someone who lives in that city very cool! Been to places I knew nothing about. Awesome to re explore our The Hague like this!

– Tineke

Review Doup

Super fun to do! We as The Hague residents have discovered places in the city that we did not know yet. Definitely going to do a few outside escapes in other cities.

– Doup

Review Jasmine

Very nice tour through the city of The Hague, you come in streets where I had never been!

– Jasmine

Review Vanita

Nice activity to do if you want to get to know a city better. And if you want to be outside. I’ve always lived in The Hague, but I got to know new places through this outing. The questions were also varied and fun.

– Vanita

Review Trieling

Wonderful experience in an old city of Dordrecht, with attention to historically valuable things and monuments.

– Trieling

Review Serina

What a great activity! The city where we have been coming for thirty years viewed in a completely different way. All riddles can be solved, but certainly not by themselves! By having to search for things along the way, you suddenly see completely different things!

– Serina

Review Nils fanclub

Was fun to do! Nice that it stayed around the center of Eindhoven. It was also nice that there were enough restaurants around it for a stopover. Great route with pram and baby of 10 months.

– Nils & Fanclub

Review Linda

Fun activity for all ages. The nice thing is that you can do it all day, so you can also have something to drink / eat on the way. We had a great day in Eindhoven!

– Linda

Review Graham

Fun Outside Escape in Groningen with riddles cryptically described. Highly recommended to see the city from a different side.

– Graham

Review Anouk

Together with a group we did the outside escape in Groningen. What a success it was, you get to know the city in a new way and get to parts that you wouldn’t come so quickly otherwise.

– Anouk

Review Ida

We had a great time. You see other parts of the city of Haarlem and you also learn some new things.

– Ida

Review Veronica

Very fun and challenging game where you discover the city (Haarlem in our case) in an interesting way. You get to places you would never go otherwise. We played the game with two teams and the competition makes it even more fun. We enjoyed it greatly!

– Veronica

Review Sylvia & Yves

My boyfriend and I did the outside escape in Leeuwarden and Groningen during our holiday. It was a different way to get to know the cities. And great fun it was!

– Sylvia & Yves

Review Tineke

Walked a super fun outside escape route in Leeuwarden. Been to places I didn’t know existed and saw beautiful street art! The storyline of the escape was also nicely put together and related to what we encountered along the way.

– Tineke

Review Patricia

It was a very nice walk through our own city of Leiden. With riddles to solve and images to find along the way, you’ll suddenly discover whole new things.

– Patricia

Review Ingrid

Great outsider escape! Nice to go through Maastricht in this way, you’ll see some special places. The assignments were easy to do and along the way many places to eat or drink. And even for shopping😁. Everyone in our group (11-73 years) had a great time.

Review Ilona

Nice and fun, varied activity to do with friends. Teams against each other gives an extra fun challenge!

– Ilona

Review Stef

Fun and surprising quest. Discovering the city in a pleasant way, you visit places where you normally would not walk.

– Stef

Review Linda

Already done 3 outside escapes. Nijmegen, Eindhoven and Den Bosch. Fun every time! Especially because you get to know a city you know so well in a different way. Highly recommended!

– Linda

Review Miranda

This is so fun and educational. Even for us natives from Rotterdam it’s super fun and surprising. The assignments are really tough.

– Miranda

Review Femke

Had a very nice afternoon with the Outside Escape. The riddles get more and more difficult, so you are constantly challenged. Very much enjoyed!

– Femke

Review Bas

What a pleasant and fun activity. The two of us walked it as a test for the upcoming family day. Well, clearly this will be an activity for our cousins!

– Bas

Review Sanne

Very nice way to see the city in a different way. Due to the puzzle and quest you pay a lot of attention to details of the city itself that you would otherwise not see. You will also receive information about the building or the place where you are at certain places. Very informative. Nice combination of walking, moving and puzzling.

– Sanne

Review Team Kluts

A very nice way to get to know the city’s history a bit! It was a pleasant outing, especially in combination with your own picnic in the park.

– Team Kluts

Review Kiki

Already our 4th escape. So much fun to do! This time we saw another part of the city of Utrecht. Nice walk with good puzzles.

– Kiki