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An original team activity with Outside Escape

Do you want to do an easy-going teambuilding activity outside or a super competitive? With Outside Escape both are possible! Step into an exciting story full of riddles and discover the beautiful places of the city.

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Discover the cities, stories and legends in the Netherlands in an enigmatic way.

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“Super activity to do with large group in smaller groups; competing against your friends is great for the fanatics. The scoreboard allowed us to compare at the end. The assignments were very doable after a bit of puzzling.


~Naomi (36 years)

How does it work?
(groups up to approx. 60 persons)

  • Make teams of 2-4 people in advance or on the spot (5 is also possible, but the more people, the greater the chance that someone will not feel fully involved)
  • You order the Outside Escape for the number of teams you have
  • Every team gets the link and a code (e.g. by forwarding the email or sharing via WhatsApp)
  • The first person to enter the code is the team captain. She/he gets to see the points and can ask for the hints
  • Other team members can also log in with the same link and code if they want
  • It can be wise to have some time between every 2 or 3 teams, so that they do not get in each other’s way (depending on the group size).
  • Catching up other teams during the Outside Escape is fine to do!
  • Agree to meet somewhere after the end of the Outside Escape (e.g. a restaurant or cafe)


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Groups with 60+ persons? 

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Discover the cities, stories and legends in the Netherlands in an enigmatic way.

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