An Outside Escape for large groups? No problem!

The more the merrier! Especially when our digital city tours make planning a group getaway really easy. Just give each team a login link and access code, and our online instructions will send everyone on their way.

Exploring a city in a large group has never been this easy!

An Outside Escape: a wonderful idea for a group trip!

Our city tours are one-of-a-kind, challenging, and the ideal getaway for large groups with a maximum of 80 people. You’ll be solving riddles and looking for clues as you solve a mystery with a unique local twist for every city.

After the tour is done, compare the scores for each team on our online scoreboard. Who will emerge the victor?

Would you like to combine your Outside Escape with lunch, dinner, or drinks? Not a problem! At your request, we can provide a supplementary reservation at a café or restaurant. We can also provide guides on location or a full catering arrangement!

Just drop us an email if you’d like to request these additional arrangements.

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What’s your city of choice?

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Beleef het plezier met Outside Escape

“Super activity to do with large group in smaller groups; competing against your friends is great for the fanatics. The scoreboard allowed us to compare at the end. The assignments were very doable after a bit of puzzling.


~Naomi (36 years)

How exactly does this work?

  • You can book an Outside Escape via our website or by paying via invoice (for invoice, please send us an email).
  • You’ll coordinate the departure and the team layout yourselves, these are self-guided tours! This way, you can start whenever it suits you.
  • Our routes are always close to restaurants, so starting after a good lunch or finishing with drinks is always an option. There will be plenty of time for breaks along the way!
  • Teams of up to 5 people work best, up to a maximum of about 80 people (read more about groups of 80+ here)
  • After booking the tour we’ll send you a login link and access codes, which you can send to each individual team (via email or Whatsapp, for example).
  • Make sure each team has a charged smartphone with a mobile internet connection!

On location

  • The ‘team captain’ starts the game by being the first to enter the access code. Only the team captain can request hints.
  • Other team members can then start the game with the same access code, they get all the information except the hints.
  • It can be wise to leave 5 minutes between each teams’ departure, so that they do not get in each other’s way.
  • After that, the teams will disperse on their own, as one team solves the riddles faster than the other team.
  • Catching up with each other or solving riddles with more than one team at a time isn’t only allowed, it makes for hilarious moments, too!
  • Afterwards, each team is shown a scoreboard with the results of all teams. Who will win the day and get bragging rights?

Still on the fence? Feel free to ask for a demo of your chosen tour.

Request a demo.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know the exact route in advance, or would like to request a demo, please send us a message. Please indicate which route it concerns!

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