Frequently Asked Questions

How does an Outside Escape work?

How does an Outside Escpe work, exactly?

Please visit this page to learn how our Outside Escapes work.

Should I make reservations to play an Outside Escape?

Not at all! Due tot the online nature of our city escape tours, it is not necessary to reserve a tour.

After booking a tour,  you’ll receive an email containing instructions, a login link, and an access code. With these, you can start your Outside Escape at any moment you choose!

How many people can play an Outside Escape?

An Outside Escape is suitable for groups of any size, whether you’re a couple or a group of 60 people playing!

However, we do recommend to stick to a maximum of 5 players for eacht team. This way, everyone will get the opportunity to actively participate in solving the mystery.

Are you playing with multiple teams? You’ll need to book separately for each team in order to receive separate access codes.

What do I need to play?

You’ll need the following to play an Outside Escape:

  • A smartphone with a mobile data plan
  • Pen and paper can come in handy, but are not absolutely necessary
  • When playing after dark, we highly recommend you bring a flashlight!

After completing your booking, you’ll receive an email with instructions, a login link, and an access code. With these, you can start playing from your smartphone whenever you choose.

It’s not possible to download the Outside Escape to play offline.

Can I walk the tour after dark?

Yes, you can! However, some riddles might be more challenging when visibility of your surroundings becomes worse.

We highly recommend a flashlight!

How long will an Outside Escape take?

Our city escape tours last about 2 hours on average, but this mostly depends on the speed with which you solve riddles and move from one location to the next.

Every tour is around 2,5 kilometers in length.

There is no time limit to the tour, so feel free to take breaks and enjoy some local hospitality!

Is an Outside Escape suitable for all ages?

Our city escape tours come in several levels of difficulty. The available difficulty levels are displayed in the description for each tour.

Outside Escapes of an ‘Easy’ or ‘Intermediate’ level are considered  suitable for children aged 12 years and older.

Tours labeled ‘Challenging’ are suited for players aged 15 and above.

Traveling with younger children? An Outside Escape can be just as much fun with the little ones, but we recommend giving them proper assistance in solving the riddles!

Are the tours wheelchair accessible?

When designing our city escape tours, we take the utmost care to keep them as accessible as we can.

The bad news? This isn’t always entirely possible. However, the good news is that most of our tours are perfectly accessible for players using wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

Look for a wheelchair icon in the description for each tour to see if the tour is fully accessible.

You can also use the filter options on this page to specifically search for accessible tours!

Can we stop for breaks along the way?

Of course, there is no time limit! After all, it would be a shame to pass up all those cafes, terraces, and interesting views, would it not?

Are the tours available in any other languages?

All Outside Escapes are available in Dutch.

In addition, we’re working on making them all available in English and German as well. You’ll find flag icons indicating the available languages in the description for each tour.

At this time, there are no other languages available besides Dutch, English and German.

Do I need a mobile data plan to play an Outside Escape?

Yes, you will need a mobile data plan (with coverage for the Netherlands) to play our city escape tours. Our self-guided tours are fully online, and use a maximum of 40 MB of data.

Do I need to install an app or other types of software?

No, you do not have to install anything! You can play our Outside Escapes online, on your phone’s browser.

Can I compete against other people in my group?

Yes you can! We encourage competition, as we believe this makes our Outside Escapes even more fun!

Each team receives points based on correct answers, the number of clues used, and photo challenges solved.
At the end of the route you can view the scoreboard and compare your score with the other teams.

What are the starting and ending locations for the route?

You can find the starting and ending locations for each route in its description.

Can I play with multiple teams at the same time?

Yes, you can play with multiple teams. We do recommend you book a separate access code for each individual team, so the team scores can be kept on our online scoreboard.

Can I win anything?

You can win eternal fame and glory! The challenge is to get as close to the maximum number of points as possible, by answering all questions correctly in one go and not using any clues.

We do not offer any prizes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t arrange for a prize yourselves!

Is this a good way to explore a city?

It most certainly is! Our Outside Escapes will lead you past all the famous and not-so-famous sights a city has to offer. Expect to discover hidden details most tourists will usually miss out on!

I’m already familiar with a city, will the tour still be fun for me?

Our city tours are fun for everyone, regardless of their knowledge of a place. Even if you think you know a city, our puzzles are designed to challenge your perception and creative thinking skills!

We’ve received plenty of feedback (even from locals!)where people were surprised by the things they didn’t know!

What does the route look like, exactly?

You’ll find info regarding the starting and ending locations on each tour’s respective info page. You’ll also find an icon for each route that indicates whether or not a tour passes through a city’s center.

Would you prefer to know the exact route beforehand? Feel free to send us a message.

Can we play an Outside Escape on more than one phone?

Yes, you can. You can share the access code with your teammates, so everyone in your team can help solve the mystery on their own phone. We do recommend not to share the access code with other teams. This way, your team’s score remains your own!

Can I get stuck if I’m not able to guess the answer to a riddle or puzzle?

No, you can always get the solution to a puzzle by asking for optional clues. You’ll get up to three clues, the third clue will always reveal the solution.

However, be careful with using too many clues; each given clue will cost you precious points!

What should I do when my phone’s battery runs out during the tour?

Empty phone battery? You can use the login link and access code to continue playing on another device. Considering there is no time limit on our tours, you could even go charge your phone and continue playing on another day!

How many times can I play an Outdoor Escape?

You can play each Outside Escape only once. But every city has its own mystery story and riddles, so feel free to try one of our many other Outside Escapes.

We are available in over 30 cities in the Netherlands and Belgium now!

Playing in multiple teams, larger groups, and teambuilding events

How many people can play at the same time?

Our Outside Escapes are perfectly suitable for larger groups, up to around 80 people. We recommend to keep the teams at a maximum of 5 persons for each team.

Playing with larger teams is possible, but we’ve noticed that the involvement and fun for individual players might start to suffer in bigger teams.

We also recommend that each team starts a few minutes apart, to prevent teams from getting in each other’s way!

Our tours are always self-guided. However, it is possible to book on-site guides to join you on the tour! Feel free to ask for a price offer!

Will there be a tour guide on-site?

No, all our tours are completely self-guided.

However, it is possible to book on-site guides to join you on the tour! Feel free to ask for a price offer!

Will we pass by any cafes or restaurants?

Yes, the end point for every route is always close to bars, cafes, or restaurants to end your tour in style!

And as there is no time limit, you’re more than able to take breaks along the way!

When playing in larger groups it is recommended to end the tour in a cafe or restaurant, to make waiting for other teams more enjoyable.

If you wish, we can also reserve tables at a suitable location for you! You can even choose to have drinks, lunch, or dinner included. Feel free to ask for a price offer!

How can I book for a company or teambuilding trip?

When booking, you can order multiple access codes at the same time. This way, each team of up to 5 people has their own access code to start the tour with.

When ordering on behalf of an organisation, you can also choose to pay through an invoice. If you wish to receive an invoice, please send us a message before you place an order.

For more details on Outside Escapes for large groups and teambuilding events, please visit this page.

Can I pay through invoice?

Yes, you can! Please contact us with all relevant information (Company name, invoice address, etc.) and we will send you an invoice.

Can I compete against other people in my group?

Of course! Every team is assigned a score, based on correct answers, the number of hints used, and photo challenges solved.

At the end of the tour, all teams will have access to an online scoreboard showing the final scores of all teams. Who will claim victory?

Can anyone participate in an Outside Escape?

Many of our tours feature two or more variants: a basic ‘Easy’ variant, a moderately difficult ‘Average’ variant, or a more difficult ‘Challenging’ variant.

You can choose a separate difficulty level for each team when booking the tour.

The mystery and route will be the same for each variant, but the difficulty level of the riddles will be easier or more challenging depending on the chosen variant.

We recommend the ‘Easy’ and ‘Average’ tours for players aged 12 years and older. The ‘Challenging’ variants are suitable for players aged 15 and older. The difficulty levels are indicated with colored icons in the description for each tour.

Most of our routes are wheelchair accessible. If you want to know which routes are suitable for wheelchairs and mobility scooters, simply look for a wheelchair icon in the tour description.

How to book an Outside Escape

How much does an Outside Escape cost?

The price for each tour is displayed in the tour’s description. The displayed price is the price per access code, one for each participating team.

How long will my access code stay valid?

Your access code will stay valid for use for up to 3 months after booking.

Please contact us if you wish to extend this period.

How can I pay?

You can pay through iDeal (Dutch bank accounts only), credit card, PayPal, and Sofort Banking. In addition, we also accept gift vouchers from DoenKado and Good4Fun.

Registered companies and organisations can also request payment through invoice.

How can I book an Outside Escape?

Pick a tour from our website and click the ‘Order now’ button. You can then choose how many access codes you want to book (you’ll need one for each team of up to 5 persons).

After payment is completed, you’ll receive an email containing further instructions, a login link for the tour, and each team’s access codes.

How can I exchange a voucher?

The email or letter containing the voucher should explain how to exchange it on our website.
In short:

  • Book a tour on our website.
  • Enter the voucher code when prompted for a ‘voucher code’.
    • Most voucher codes can be entered before entering the payment screen
    • The ‘Doenkado’ and ‘Good4Fun’ voucher codes can be entered in the payment screen itself.
  • After completing the booking process, you will receive an email containing further instructions and a login link.

My voucher code is not accepted, what should I do?

The voucher code can contain both letters and numbers. Please make sure to correctly enter each number (not the letter ‘I’ instead of the number ‘1’, for example).

If you’re still facing difficulties, please feel free to send us a message so we can sort it out!

How long will my voucher be valid?

The expiration date for your voucher’s validity should be displayed on the voucher itself.

Your access code(s) will remain valid for 3 months after exchanging the voucher on our website.

Creating a custom Outside Escape

Can I request a customized Outside Escape?

Yes you can and yes, we would love to! Please contact us for more information and suggestions for customizing an Outside Escape experience for your organization.


How can I contact you?

Please refer to our contact form to send us a message.