Terms and conditions

Outside Escape is registered at the Chamber of Commerce, number 82405336.


These conditions apply to all our outside escapes.


All prices are in euros, including VAT.


The outside escape is valid for 3 months after ordering. After this period, the right to use the outside escape expires and no refund of payment is possible. Outside Escape reserves the right to no longer make the outside escape available. If this is within the stated period, the customer will be refunded the purchase money.


The outside escape can only be used once. After the outside escape has been completed, it cannot be played again. The outside escape may not work on not-updated mobile platforms. It is up to the customer to ensure a sufficiently updated platform to be able to play the outside escape.


The link and associated access code to the outside escape will be sent a few minutes after payment. If the e-mail is not received, the customer can send an e-mail to info@outsideescape.nl. There will be a response within 24 hours.


Outside Escape takes the prevention of unsafe situations into account as much as possible when designing. During the outside escape, the participants are responsible for their own safety and their behavior in traffic.


Complaints about the outside escape must be reported as soon as possible. Complaints regarding the purchase, payment and delivery must be reported no later than 2 weeks after purchase. Complaints about the use of the outside escape must be reported no later than 2 weeks after use.

Complaints can be reported via info@outsideescape.nl. These will be processed as soon as possible.