Outside Escape Rotterdam

  • Start at any moment, no reservation needed
  • Voor één of meerdere teams met 1 tot 5 spelers
  • The route is around 2 hours and 2,5 km
  • Advised audience: from 12 years old an up (younger children should be accompanied by adults due to the difficulty of the riddles)
  • You only need your smartphone!
20,00 per team


It's not just in Rome, London and Vienna. Since yesterday it has been known that also Dutch cities are the target of what is called the most famous art theft in the world. Dozens of statues have already been stolen in Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. And it won’t be long before Rotterdam is next, so it is expected.

"The significance of our statues and art is enormous for the city," the mayor said in a response. "The cultural value can't be expressed in money."

The city of Rotterdam has equipped many of the statues with a chip in order to protect them. But these chips need an update. You decide to help. But then it turns out that a hacker was ahead of you. He challenges you with riddles. Can you solve them and find out who is behind the art theft?

Practical information

During this Outside Escape you will pass some of the highlights of the city center, but also the more hidden places. And as you solve the riddles, you will discover more about the city's unexpectedly rich history.

After ordering you will receive a link and access code. Start the Outside Escape at any time you like, no reservation is needed. All you need is a charged phone.

This Outside Escape is also suitable for groups up to 60 people, for example for teambuilding, friends, family or students.

For more information see: Outside Escape explained and the frequently asked questions.

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20,00 per team

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Review Miranda

This is so fun and educational. Even for us natives from Rotterdam it's super fun and surprising. The assignments are really tough.

- Miranda

Review Femke

Had a very nice afternoon with the Outside Escape. The riddles get more and more difficult, so you are constantly challenged. Very much enjoyed!

- Femke

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