An Outside Escape, explained in detail

An Outside Escape is an online, self-guided tour that has you solve a mystery while visiting a city, museum, or other locations. You will solve intriguing riddles together with your teammates while uncovering a mystery unique to each city. Observe, put together the clues, and get a high score!

You will receive the route, the storyline, riddles and hints online, on your phone. And because this is a self-guided experience, you decide when you want to start.


  • Most of our tours are suitable for players aged 12 years and older. You can look at the description for each route to see the difficulty level.
  • The level of difficulty varies between ‘easy’ and ‘challenging’. You will find this indicated by icons in the route description. Some cities offer multiple levels of difficulty. The mystery and route will be the same, but the puzzles will offer different challenges.
  • The route description will also tell you if a route is considered accessible for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. You can filter your search on accessibility when looking at our tours.

Do you still have questions? Please refer to our FAQ or send us a message.