Outside Escape explained in detail

An Outside Escape is an automatically guided tour of a city, museum or other location. You will work as a team to solve riddles as you are guided through the story. We encourage you to take a good look around. You will receive all information via your mobile phone: route, story, riddles, hints and solutions. You can start the route whenever you want.

In detail

  • You play in teams of 2 to 4 people. More is allowed, but the chance that not everyone is fully involved increases.
  • You can start whenever you want. All you need is the link to the Outside Escape and the access code.
  • Everyone can view the information (story, route, riddles, historical background information, etc) on their own phone. But it is also possible to do everything on one phone.
  • Some Outside Escapes have added video’s and audio to tell the story.
  • It is not possible to get stuck, the hints always offer the solution in the end.
  • Teams can earn points by solving the riddles with as few hints as possible. During the route, they also look for photos of specific locations. Afterwards, you can compare your score on a scoreboard.
  • On average, an Outside Escape lasts about 2 hours, but it can vary. There is no time limit, everyone can do it at their own pace. Feel free to pause for a snack or a drink.
  • Most of our routes are suitable for young people from 12 years old. Check the age limit in the description to be sure.
  • However, we can also develop for a younger target group.
  • Most routes are available for people in a wheelchair or with an electric scooter. Check the icon in the description to be sure.

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