A challenging team building exercise with Outside Escape!

Break the ice between new colleagues or prove why your powerteam still reigns supreme! Choosing an Outside Escape for your next team building trip means challenging your perception, cooperation, and creative thinking skills to out-score the other teams. Claim the ultimate prize: eternal bragging rights!

Are you looking for a little less competition? Our city tours are also very enjoyable at a slower pace, allowing you to take in all a city has to offer!



  • Experience an active and one-of-a-kind team building trip in a city of your choice.
  • A good way to promote interaction and cooperation between colleagues.
  • We offer more than 30 tours throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, featuring storylines unique to every city.
  • Suitable for large groups up to 80 people.
  • Easy on the budget: Your Outside Escape team building trip will set you back only 25 euro for each team.
  • We’re flexible: you decide when you start the tour. Our self-guided tours take around 2 hours.
  • Each team only needs a smartphone with a mobile internet connection!

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“Super activity to do with a large group, in small teams; mutual competition is fun for the fanatics. The scoreboard allowed us to compare at the end. The assignments were easy to do after puzzling for a while.”


~Naomi (36 year)

Will your next team building trip be an Outside Escape?

Discover a city in the Netherlands or Belgium while solving riddles, chasing clues and competing with your colleagues! Think of it as an escape room, but outside, more active, fully digital, and full of local stories and culture.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to sample the local hospitality, of course!
Or maybe you’d like to skip the pleasantries and focus on the competitive element during your team building trip?

Everything is possible, because you set the pace during an Outside Escape.

You’ll walk our city tours in teams of up to 5 people. Outside Escapes are suitable for large groups up to 80 participants! Our self-guided tours are fully digital, so you can start whenever you choose.

Feel free to ask us about a price offer. From restaurant recommendations to full catering, everything goes!

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If you would like to know the exact route in advance, or would like to request a demo, please send us a message. Please indicate which route it concerns!

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