Outside Escape Delft

  • Start at any moment, no reservation needed
  • For one or more teams with 1 to 5 players
  • The route is around 2 hours and 2,5 km
  • Advised audience: from 12 years old an up (younger children should be accompanied by adults due to the difficulty of the riddles)
  • You only need your smartphone!
20,00 per team


Christina is calling you, she seems to be panicking. 

“Jessie is gone, I don't know where she is. She doesn't answer her phone and doesn’t respond to my messages. This is nothing like her. I am really concerned. I know she had an appointment, she deals in Delft blue pottery. She once told me it’s a shady business. The amounts she paid kept getting bigger. I think it got a little out of hand.”

You decide to help your friend Christina and look for Jessie in Delft. But along the way you come across all kinds of riddles.

Practical information

During this Outside Escape you will pass some of the highlights of the city center, as well as more hidden places. You will discover more about the history of the city of Delft whilst solving the riddles.

After ordering you will receive a link and access code. Start the Outside Escape at any time you like, no reservation is needed. All you need is a charged phone.

This Outside Escape is also suitable for groups up to 60 people, for example for teambuilding, friends, family or students.

For more information see: Outside Escape explained and the frequently asked questions.

Order 'Outside Escape Delft'

20,00 per team

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Review Miriam

A very nice way to learn to explore the city of Delft. You look at details and come to places that you would not have seen otherwise.

- Miriam

Review Michelle

Nice to discover a city in this way. By searching the photos you see other things that you would normally overlook. A must to do in Delft!

- Michelle

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