Outside Escape Eindhoven

  • Start at any moment, no reservation needed
  • For one or multiple teams of 1 to 4 players
  • The route is around 2 hours and 2,5 km
  • Advised audience: from 15 years old an up (younger children should be accompanied by adults due to the difficulty of the riddles)
  • You only need your smartphone!
20,00 per team


Mr. Vily is gutted. 

“Xoro is developed in Japan, where they are miles ahead with this kind of technology. I wanted a dog that I wouldn't have to walk every day. But now he has run away.”

Can you track down the robot dog and find out why he ran away?

Practical information

During this Outside Escape you will pass some of the highlights of the city center, but also the more hidden places.

The storyline is almost identical to the one of the Outside Escape Amsterdam. However, almost all the riddles differ.

After ordering you will receive a link and access code. Start the Outside Escape at any time you like, no reservation is needed. All you need is a charged phone.

This Outside Escape is also suitable for groups up to 60 people, for example for teambuilding, friends, family or students.

For more information see: Outside Escape explained and the frequently asked questions.

Order 'Outside Escape Eindhoven'

20,00 per team

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Review Nils fanclub

Was fun to do! Nice that it stayed around the center of Eindhoven. It was also nice that there were enough restaurants around it for a stopover. Great route with pram and baby of 10 months.

- Nils & Fanclub

Review Linda

Fun activity for all ages. The nice thing is that you can do it all day, so you can also have something to drink / eat on the way. We had a great day in Eindhoven!

- Linda

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